Minot, North Dakota

The first day of the New Year found me in frigid, snow-covered Minot, North Dakota. I travelled here on another assignment during the last week of December. I wasn’t prepared to be snowed in the facility on Christmas, but I was.

Between working evenings and nights with very little time off and the weather, I haven’t seen much of this city yet. We did recently have a warming trend with temps in the high 20s and I happened to be off a day to take advantage of the sunlight.

The park I found was all but deserted on the day I ventured out. The sun was bright and felt good soaking through the layers of clothes I had on. I got as close to the frozen river as possible to take a few pictures, even venturing out on it a few steps. I had to remind myself that I was alone and the dangers of walking on unknown ground, or water, in this case, was risky.

Deciding to return to the path, I just enjoyed the solitude and beauty around me. I was amazed at the depth of the snow. The benches and picnic tables were almost buried. I guess you could get to them if you didn’t mind wading through snow up to the butt. I chose not to do it and stuck with the cleared pathways.

The glittery snow mesmerised me. I loved how it sparkled like diamond chips when the light hit it. Every time I see it now, I think the angels must surely cry diamond chips.

I did see a bird, a nuthatch I think, flittering from tree limb to tree limb between posing for the camera. He was pretty swift in his movements. His ground companion was a squirrel. They both took turns eating from a pile of seeds someone had left for them. Otherwise, I saw no other creatures.

All in all, it was a decent outing even if I couldn’t stay out as long as intended. It felt good to be able to get some fresh air and experience the winter like I never have.

Stay tuned for the next stop at the local Scandinavian Park…

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2 thoughts on “Minot, North Dakota”

  1. As always your blog posts are a pleasure and, truly, such a treasure to hear and, indeed, to feel your thoughts through your words. The experience is conveyed so wonderfully that the feel of being there transfers well and I live vicariously through your travels.

    As you well know the snow in our area is infrequent and on that rare occasion barely exceeds an inch, hence, your images of Minot’s accumulation leaves me in awe. Though fraught with hazard and difficulty there is beauty in the snow and I’m glad you found pleasure and gratitude in the experience. Thank you, Renda, for sharing it and I look forward to your writings and insight into your future travels and adventures.

    1. Thank you, Ben. I apologize for the delayed response. It’s amazing what is out there and the things and conditions that we grow accustomed to. It amazes me that we can see something so different than our norm and just be overwhelmed with it. That was the case with Minot. I was overwhelmed with it all…the weather, the culture, the conditions. However, by the end of the assignment I had actually began to adapt more than I realized, or even thought, I would.

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