What Makes a Good Sunset?

Sunset, Pt St Joe Florida
Cloudy sunset

I was talking with someone not long ago about what makes a good sunset. Some people think no clouds and just a setting sun is what makes it good; while others think clouds are a “must” to add dimension to the sunset. _MG_6001 IMG_6008

Sunset, Shell Point Florida

What I have come to realize is, it really doesn’t matter what is included in the sunset. They all are beautiful and I am thankful for each and every one that I blessed to witness.

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Two Beautiful People

76Recently, I was fortunate enough to photograph a friend’s children. These two, Lilly and Chelsey, needed some photographs done for their pageant portfolio.

We met at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens since it makes a wonderful backdrop for any photography you’re looking to do. It was easy to see why Lilly and Chelsey were going to be in a pageant. Both are beautiful children.79 80 16 7

At first they seemed a bit nervous about what they should do and how they should “pose”. When I told them to just act natural and do what they wanted, they loosened up and their inner personalities began to shine.


I enjoyed not only photographing them, but also getting to know them a little more. Since moving, I sure am going to miss being around these two. And the pageant? Well, they both received the title of “Cover Miss” . In my book, they are both princesses.55

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