Is It a Home or a House?

IMG_5482Recently, I was able to photograph a family’s home, or what was their home for a few years, in Alabama. This family is in the process of moving to another state due to a job transfer. The wife told me she loved the house the minute she saw it and it was hard to leave her home. I noted how she said house in the first part of that sentence and home in the last part. As I photographed the four bedroom, 2 bath, brick house, I thought about the differences between a house and a home; or at least what I thought made the difference.

After photographing the house and surrounding property, I asked the woman what she thought made it a home instead of a house. She told me, she had felt a comfort when she walked through the door for the first time.

649WestbrookShe said a peace enveloped her as she viewed the house and once they had moved in, the feeling had progressed and became stronger. The family had made the house theirs, by personalizing it…giving some of themselves, living, loving.








She had learned to love her husband more there. They had raised their children there. She then said that they had not just lived there, but they had LOVED there…totally and unconditionally. She gave me many more reasons why the structure I had just photographed was a home instead of a house and I listened intently to her.

IMG_5473We talked about a lot of things while I was there, but the part about the structure being a house or a home has stuck with me. Our conversation has made me think of the beach house I had at one time, of how I felt at peace there. It didn’t matter what kind of day I had, when I was there I could relax, live, and love. One day, I am going to find a home again.IMG_5477

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Wasn’t It Just Yesterday?


Isn’t it amazing how quickly time seems to pass? I can remember wanting to hurry up and get old enough to drive, old enough to move out of the house, old enough to leave the small town I lived in; so much wanting to rush time so this or that would happen and now, with age, I find myself wishing it would slow down just for a little while. I don’t really want it to stop, I just want it to slow down.

I mean when did I hit my 20-year milestone? 30? 40? And 50 not far away? Wasn’t it just yesterday my daughter giggled as she ran through the field, curly blond hair flying around her face as her chubby little legs carried her down the hill? Wasn’t it just yesterday when I celebrated passing nursing boards? Wasn’t it just yesterday I held my twin granddaughters, one in each arm, as they peacefully slept? Wasn’t it just yesterday I waited to hear my grandson had been born and welcome him to our world? Wasn’t it just yesterday I watched my daughter graduate from nursing school? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was saying goodbye to this loved one or that one that had passed? Wasn’t it just yesterday…?

Whenever I can I try to slow down…or at least be still a minute to enjoy a sunrise or sunset, or even both. For some reason, I just do not want to miss anymore of those. I don’t want to think it was just yesterday that I saw one, when in reality it was two months ago. When we are young life seems like it takes so long and as we get older we realize just how short it really is. Enjoy your moments, because soon our today will be no more and we will no longer be able to say, “Wasn’t it just yesterday”?

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