More From the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

I never grow tired of visiting the Botanical Gardens in Dothan because I’m always able to see something differently there or experience some new feeling. This trip didn’t disappoint me and I have decided to share something that I wrote while taking my photographs. Hope you enjoy!


With no where to go, I sit in the garden contemplating, thinking, planning until my mind exhausts itself and is able to relinquish the maddening thoughts to finally be still.IMG_4683

A peace flows over me as a breeze lifts stray strands of hair and the sun glides from behind the clouds; its warmth soothing me and its rays relaxing my soul.

Even on what is a cold, cloudy day, color is to be found; colors to brighten  even the most distressed spirits. With each plant, a vibrant color takes away some of the gray.IMG_4649IMG_4663IMG_4652IMG_4653IMG_4662IMG_4660

The birds’ songs join with the trickling of the flowing water, creating an almost magical sound… a lullaby;  draining the remaining chaotic thoughts from the mind.IMG_4693

Stone faces keep watch over the gardens, the playground of fairies, gnomes, and other wee beings. Silently they stand guard as the world revolves around them, their thoughts never to be known.IMG_4665IMG_4667

Pathways, some easily discerned and others not so much, lead the wanderer to wherever they choose to be. Some going downhill, some uphill, yet others curving to destinations ahead.


These paths remind me of the ones I have taken on my life journey; some clear and easily navigated, others littered with debris and obstacles that must be overcome.IMG_4669IMG_4673

Walking along them, with the wind’s voice whispering among the trees, I realize that my journey is far from over. There’s still so much to see….so much to do…so much to share…and so much love to give.IMG_4658IMG_4651IMG_4679

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Greeting the New Year in Pt. St. Joe, Florida

WOW! We are already 12 days into the New Year! I do not know about you, but I am not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions and have not made any in years now. I do, however, make goals to try to accomplish throughout the year.

For instance, this year I am writing down my goals on little note cards. When I complete them, I will drop the note cards into the  “objectif Finale” jar I decorated.  At the end of the year, I will go through each one to see what all I have accomplished. But I digress and will cover that in another blog post.

As for the cold and wet first day of 2016, I found myself down in Pt. St. Joe with Ben, a fellow photographer.  We had went down to spend some time on the coast, but the weather was presenting a problem for us.

We ended up securing a room at the Pt. Inn. The service was fantastic and the room was clean and comfortable. It’s one of those places I intend to stay on future outings there.

Pt Inn, Pt St Joe, Florida, New Year
Pt Inn
Pt St Joe, Florida

Since it was a holiday and we did not want the fast food offered by the usual places that are opened on holidays, we opted out at a meal at Pepper’s Mexican Grill. It was fantastic! Great service, atmosphere, and delicious food.

Fajita Fixings – Peppers, Pt. St. Joe
Combo Fajita – Peppers, Pt. St. Joe
Burrito – Peppers, Pt. St. Joe

Saturday was still cold, but we braved it long enough to get a few shots of the Cape San Blas lighthouse that was relocated to Pt. St. Joe in 2014.

IMG_4622blog Cape San Blas Lighthouse Pt. St. Joe, Florida

The beach was littered with a various assortment of seashells. I even found a couple of bones of some type. IMG_4613blog

The water created unique designs in the bay, nature’s artwork.IMG_4616blog

We were  treated to a blue heron dancing in the cold surf and a hitchhiker catching a ride on one of its sea companions. The blue heron then moved closer to shore to hunt for food with another feathered friend.IMG_4629IMG_4632blogIMG_4621blog

And my boat finally came in. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it made a photogenic model.IMG_4606IMG_4612blogIMG_4610blog

So, New Year’s Day has come and gone; as has the first full week of the year. Time does “march on”, whether we want it to or not. Here’s to a FABULOUS 2016!

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